Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Why do I do that?

Ok, so I'm eating lunch with the kids and it pops into my head, "Why do I limit some foods but not others?" You see, we were eating Mac-n-cheese, I make 2 boxes for the boys and me. But just yesterday we had sandwiches on mini pita bread and I limited them to only 1 pita each. Why? The only thing I can say is that I know 1 box is not enough, and as for the pita's, well, it was a package of 6 and by only letting them have 1, I had 2 and then we would have another meal worth. Still, that was so wrong of me, the kids should have been able to have a 2nd one if they wanted. I also have found that lately I plan meals around limiting some foods so we can have another meal. Is that wrong? Am I being too frugal??? I hadn't stopped to think about it before but now I think I am being down right stingy! I hope my family will forgive me, yea they will. What about you folks? Do you find yourself doing that? Do you think someone in your family or friends do that? Let me know, I really wonder if I am being too cheap!