Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Menu for a month!

I promised last week that I was going to put together a menu and post it for you all. Well, I finally finished it so now I am going to post it. I have only listed the day's main meal, we will find whatever for the rest of the day and fill in the sides as needed.
Today; Mac-n-cheese with sliced hot dogs.
Wednesday; Stir fry w/ pork chop meat, broccoli, carrots, onions and ramen noodle instead of rice.
Thursday; Pancake puffs & smokies
Friday; Cheeseburger Pie, recipe from cookbook
Saturday; Chicken casserole
Sunday; Chili
Monday; Italian Sausage sliced with spaghetti
Tuesday; Turkey sliced lunch-meat in gravy w/ stuffing
Wednesday; Meatloaf
Thursday; Salmon Patties
Friday; Mom & Dad- Filet Mignon, kids- Corn Dogs, everyone- Stuffed Potatoes (Christmas gift of steak and potatoes)
Saturday; Stuffed shells in the slow cooker
Sunday; Pork ribs
Monday; Stroganoff in slow cooker
Tuesday; Breakfast pie
Wednesday; shredded potatoes casserole
Thursday; sliced Ham
Friday; Deep Dish Taco's, casserole recipe from cookbook
Saturday; Bomber's
Sunday; Chili
Monday; Chicken soft taco's
Tuesday; Spaghetti made with leftover Bombers
Wednesday; Tater-tot casserole
Thursday; Breakfast with link sausage
Friday; Meatloaf
Saturday; Ham
This list is a total of 4 weeks with only Sunday and Monday of this week not included. I did make Ham with pineapple in Teriyaki sauce on Sunday. Monday we had soft taco's.
You'll notice alot of Ground Beef meals as I got so much on sale recently. I will be trying to get more chicken in the next few weeks and may rearrange the menu to accommodate but for now the list is based on foods currently in the house. At this time the only items I will need to purchase this whole month is buns for the Bombers, bread, milk, and eggs. I will probably get a few more things for lunches but right now we maybe eating sandwiches for every lunch since I have plenty of lunch meat and peanut butter. I am going to make some egg salad for sandwiches sometime this month as well. I am going to try to only spend $100.00 on food stuff this month and save the rest for a food processor. Of course I am also trying to find one through Freecycle as well. I hope this list gives you some new idea's and ask if you need a recipe.