Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Over 500 words on bread!

I want to talk about breads! Yes, I have a few thoughts about bread and buns. I have been trying to find breads that my family will eat and enjoy without spending too much for them. I have found that some stores have ok buns but their breads are either dry or have a yeast flavor. Albertson’s bread and buns are good but Safeway, (Randall’s, Tom Thumb) buns are slightly dry and their bread is awful. Kroger (King Soopers) has very good buns but you have to get the home-style bread since the sandwich slices can be either coarse or yeast flavored. I really like buying the Sara Lee Soft and Smooth white wheat but it can be very costly at $2.00 a loaf. I find it at Costco for around $3.50 for 2 loaves and that helps. I do try to go to the bread outlet stores. I can save the most money there. While a loaf might cost $1.70, you can get a stamp card and earn free breads. Also, when you take in your own bag, you get a free loaf, as well as most have a free loaf with a certain $ amount purchased. I check out the “free” rack as I enter the store and plan my purchased items accordingly. Hostess has some outlet stores but they are few and far between, so you have to search them out. Here is the link for their stores with a search option; http://www.bakeryoutlets.com/
I like Mrs. Baird’s stores the best. I have the Sara Lee bread in their stores a lot. Here is that link; http://www.mrsbairds.com/company/outlet_stores.php
In some states Mrs. Baird’s has bought out Bimbo breads but you still have to search through the Bimbo site to find the outlet stores. http://www.bimbobakeriesusa.com/our_brands/outlet_stores.html

While I don’t know them all, you can do a Google search and find one in almost any place in the US. Go in and check them out, you might be surprised at what you find. Also ask the folks working if you can’t find something. I asked once about the Bimbo pie’s that we used to get at another location and was told that this particular location they didn’t sell well but I could get them at another location and where that was. I also have found Southeastern Mills gravy mixes in most bread stores. I love buying these as they make 2-3 cups of gravy per packet and only cost $1-1.50 a packet. Also I buy their Cheddar Cheese sauce mix for casseroles and veggies. Be careful in buying the non-bakery items in these stores though. They can be more costly than you can find in the regular grocery store.
Now that I have told you how to save money on breads I am going to tell you that I will buy the really expensive bread 2-4 times a year at Great Harvest. http://greatharvest.findlocation.com/search.aspx
I love some of their fruit breads and the kids enjoy them as well. I don’t go in often since they are not very cost effective, but sometimes you just need a treat. Also the kids love going in and getting a free sample!
There you go, over 500 words about my take on breads!