Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What a week of Emergency Expenses!!

I don't know what has happened lately, but my week, well week and a half, has been plagued with unexpected expenses. First it was me hubby's phone, still haven't replaced that! Then came my crown, $214.00 there, then came my computer monitor, $107.00 there, and yesterday the car battery, $75.00 there! If I get hubby a new phone they first want $150.00 then mail in rebate for the $100.00, but it will take 10-14 weeks to get the rebate back! On top of that, we would have to change our plan from the $95 we pay now to the $130 plan. Yes we would get more minutes but right now if we are careful and don't go over our minutes, we don't need those extra minutes and the extra $35 expense.
The problem with all these "extra expense's" is not the fact that I had to spend the money, or that they were not items that would need replacing soon anyways. It's the time line, coming so close together right after some really great days of saving. So I went form a personal "High" from saving to a personal "low" of having to spend that money I just saved! It's enough to make a person feel defeated! I am going to change that feeling into a positive though. I am going to take it all as a challenge to build our savings account up higher! I am going to save, scrap, and pinch those penny's and listen to them scream!!!!
Today I am going to be filling this blog with all the things I can think of regarding pinching those penny's. I hope you all find some great idea's that can be helpful to you!