Thursday, February 13, 2014

Short, Sweet and to the Point Update!

I have been working on some other posts and I realize they are long ones that will not be posted for awhile. So I need to make some smaller posts in the mean time. Here is a quick run down of the last few weeks.
  • Short term disability insurance company sent a check (out of the blue) for a few more weeks worth of coverage! So the bills were paid in time. Praise the Lord!
  • Andy went through some testing and Doctors appointments, made some more appointments. All is good for now, just have to wait until after the end of March before we can start to put all the pieces together and get a better understanding of what is going on.
  • We were approved for food stamps and Medicaid came through.
  • Marty had 2 job interviews, 1 has already informed us he didn't get the job, the other- who knows?
  • Marty took a travel contract for the next 3 months, locally. That means, we have income that will start to come in the next 2 weeks and it should last for at-least 3 months.
  • I started taking a Woman’s bible study at church on Wednesday mornings and repeating the same class in the evenings. Yes, I am trying to focus myself that much!
  • Because of the class, the boys have made a stronger connection to another homeschool boy their age. I have grown closer to him and his grandmother. We now all spend Wednesday afternoons together working on some group teaching subjects.
  • The boys have had a sleep over and a field trip to Sea Life Aquarium with a fun side trip to Lego-Land Discovery Center.
  • The boys are working well on school work and Dad is the grader for all schoolwork, That means I just have to help with the work and fill in the grade-book with the final scores.
  • The taxes are done!!

There is probably more that I am missing, but this is a pretty close list to all that has been going on. Short, sweet and to the point. Hope you all are having a blessed day and month.