Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Time is getting away from me!!

So, we have had some busy days over the last.... almost a week! I am working on a very long post. Last Friday was Andy's 11th birthday. I started to just write about the weekend fun, but that turned into remembering finding out I was pregnant and all that came during the pregnancy. I still have not finished it!
So, I'll give you a quick review of the last 5-6 days.
     Friday, boys went with Grandparents to In-Sync Exotic Wildlife Rescue in Wylie, TX. They got a private tour but the thunderstorms rained them out. We will have to back and finish the tour on another day. Then had dinner out at Olive Garden.
      Saturday morning was his last baseball game, he got an announcement by the MC and wished Happy Birthday by all in attendance, was last in the batting order so automatic home run! They got trophies and
pictures after the game. Then went to lunch with the Grandparents, then to pick out a birthday gift- new fishing pole and tackle! Finished the day celebrating our friend Chris's b-day at a park.... even in the rain!
Not very good at sharing in their sleep! LOL
      Sunday morning, Grandma calls and asks if the boys can miss church and can I pack them for a couple of days. They come pick the boys up and take they on a ride in the motor-home up to friends in Denison, TX. Marty and I go to church, lunch, back to church, to the store shopping for cookout planned for Monday, and clean up at home.
       Monday, Marty and I finish the prep for cookout, Grandma calls and wants to know when we can come pick up the boys? Not until after cookout, or they can join us! Great fun with friends (more like adopted family) and cookout ends around 8pm. Now off to go pick the boys up! Home, snack before bed and off to bed.
       Tuesday, was planning on going up to the church to work on Yard Sale prep, so I took Marty to work (leave home at 5:30am). Ended up sitting around talking to the neighbor most of the day. Off to pick Marty up from work, sit and wait for him.....(late added case- 1 1/2 hrs late!) off to Top Golf for Andy to practice for the KidSwing Golf Tournament. Got 1 hour in there and off to Scottish Rite for golf clinic, done there at 8pm, homeward bound and picking up dinner along the way!
       Wednesday, today.... I took Marty to work (again) and working on blog. I have some paperwork to do around here, then I am going to the church to work on yard sale prep. We have dinner at church tonight followed by an Ice Cream Social to celebrate the end of the year for Awana's and the beginning of the summer program, All Stars!

So, there is the catch-up since the last post! The boys spent the time up in Denison fishing, swimming, and driving a golf cart. Ryan says he worked on learning how to drive a golf cart, Andy learned how to crash one! I guess Andy hit a fence, gate, took a chunk out of a tree and almost ran into a pond! I think we'll have to start working on driving skills early! Sounds like he needs all the extra help he can get.

They are learning how to fish, Andy seems to be very lucky at catching them! You'll notice, they still wear matching clothing. Ryan is the one who insists, Andy just found it easier to go with the flow on that subject!