Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Return to blogging! Now what?

Now that I have returned to the world of blogging, I wonder if this title/ blog name is the best? I can't seem to think of our family in any other way than, "The RN travel family!" So, for now, I am keeping the name the same. So many of our friends and family think of us as always on the move. We still are on the go alot, just more locally instead of cross-country!

 Storms out this afternoon, golf trip canceled! Andy was to have some simple lessons at Scottish Rite at 6:30 after a practice time at Top Golf. He is participating in a tournament on June 17th. I am adding a link to his fund raiser page! We have been trying to get him involved in sports/ activities that challenge him and help him gain confidence. He has been having trouble with a self-defeating attitude. Thinking that because of his Spina Bifida, that he can't do everything the same as other kids, so why bother. NO MORE! He is a highly intelligent kid that should be able to make his own way of participating.

So, other than all that.... This week is going ok. We have ants getting into the house, landlord supposed to come spray! AWANA at church is finishing up, now onto the summer program! I keep adding items to the shopping list, no idea when I will get to the store to get anything. Andy's birthday is on Friday, not made any special plans yet. I haven't even figured out what to get him! Ryan is easy, but Andy...... no so easy. I need to start on dinner, originally we were going to eat out in between golfing stops.

Tomorrow, I will try to focus on some of my frugal tips and shopping helps. I have been asked by different people to teach a class, so I guess if I start putting it together on here, you all can let me know what you think.