Tuesday, September 3, 2013

How we do Back-to-School Photo's and Home Schooling!!

Everyone has been posting their back to school photos for the last few weeks. I don't have any since we home school. The boys have their assignments, they take care of their work on their own, and ask for help when needed. We "teach" more on the fly, when the opportunity and location is presented, our classroom is the world.
This morning, Ryan had his work done and is back outside riding his bike. Andy is a bit slower, he slept in later, so he is still working on his work. They both have done their bible studies and some chores are already done. We'll work on making lunch soon and then enjoy spending the day together.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy seeing the back to school photos and yes we are missing out on some of that. But what I do get????? All day with my boys and I wouldn't have it any other way! So, here are our Back to School photos.

Yes, we like to have fun. We might have Nerf gun fights..... I win alot since they tend to bring me all the bullets! I find an educational experience in everything. Nerf, hand eye coordination and awareness of surroundings, comes into play when they learn to drive! Lego construction; building a strong foundation, following directions, and other physic's lessons. Even riding a bike has lessons to learn; rules of the road, awareness and avoiding accidents (or thinking fast!)
We go to the store and learn price comparison, price per unit and other math. Standing in a line we learn patience, thoughtfulness of others. We learn time management skills and project planning skills from the independence I give them. (They plan out how to get their work done and still play outside before it gets too hot!)
Going to church we learn that God is with us always and we must always behave as if today is Judgment Day. We will have to answer for our actions, the good as well as the bad.
We can learn from anywhere and everywhere if we just look for the opportunities. Ok, getting off my soap box now! I love my days with my boys. They always want hugs, they would never go to sleep at night if I didn't still tuck them in. I love watching the joy on their faces when they figure out something, or complete a hard assignment. I get to hear their conversations, and hear them tell each other that they love them. I get to be the first one they ask questions of, and am able to decide if it is something they need to know yet or should they be older!

I hope you get a chance to find those moments with your children, even if you send them to public school. Look for the fun and the educational times. Enjoy them, the kids will not stop growing up. And one day, they'll be gone!