Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Catching up after busy weeks!

It's a never ending battle to catch up on things when you keep busy. Life doesn't take a break and allow you one. We've been busy around here. While Andy was at camp, I went to the Southern Baptist Convention's Annual Meeting in Houston. Ryan stayed at home with Chris staying here with him, they went swimming both days at the Starrett's house. Marty worked and came home sick 1 day.
It was a crazy week,
 Sunday- Andy off to camp, Marty meeting at church, Ryan and I clean up and make a room/bed up for Chris, Marty home- I leave for Youth night, I bring home dinner and all off to bed.
Monday- Marty at work, I finish laundry and pack for Houston, Chris arrives and go over everything with him, I get picked up and am off to Houston.
Tuesday- Marty- work, Ryan and Chris- swimming, me- in Houston
Wednesday- Marty- work then home sick, Ryan and Chris- swimming then church, me- Houston then home for 15 minutes then go pick Ryan up from church, pick dinner up for Marty and me.
Thursday- Marty- work, recovery for me, unpack, sort and pick up from the few days gone.
Friday- 5AM- Take Marty to work, Ryan & I- pick Andy up, home- unload, shopping for B-day present, Parent's night out at church- 6PM drop boys off, Marty- still working- late, Me- pick boys up at 9:30pm, off to pick Marty up from work, Grab dinner drive thru for Marty and I, home around 10:30pm.
Saturday- 9AM Top Golf for Andy's last practice before tournament, Lunch then B-day party at Foreman's, swimming party, home around 8pm

Sunday- Church, Father's Day lunch, shopping for Andy's tournament- gloves, shirt, new driver club.
Monday- 5AM- take Marty to work, 12PM pick-up Fernanda, 12:30PM pick-up Marty from Work, 1:15PM check-in at golf tournament, 2PM- tee-off, run home, Marty change clothes, grab drive thru lunch, back to the golf course, 4:30PM lightning, rain- start dinner and awards at the tournament, 6:30PM sky is clear, dinner/awards over, pool party is starting- we head home.
Tuesday- still catching up on laundry, Marty done with work early, go window shopping at pop-up campers, Scottish Rite for golf clinic, dinner and home
Wednesday- Laundry-still, church
Thursday- Marty work, me- paperwork, bills, housework
Friday- Marty work, on-call day means late night, me- kids, laundry, more paperwork, bills
Saturday- Drop Marty & Ryan at church for lawn care, Andy & I go to Hawaiian Falls to get tickets, back to church, help with lawn care. Lunch drive-thru, home change, off to Hawaiian Falls for the afternoon, home, change and off to dinner, home, movie, bed.

Sunday- Church, lunch, Me- meeting at church, family- meeting at church.
Monday- Marty- off, work around the house, Me & Ryan- church to help move things around and do choir folders, Home- grocery list, Andy & I- grocery shopping, dinner for all and movie, bed.
Tuesday-TODAY.... take Marty to work, Me- blog and paperwork, Boys & I grocery shopping, Inspection by Garland City, Scottish Rite golf clinic, Marty from work, dinner (somewhere in there)

I have a long to-do-list this week as well. I have ordered some supplies to help organize, unfortunately they are all coming in different shipments. I am really behind on my coupon clipping, never get caught up there it seems. With all the changes in insurance and permanent move, there seems to be so much paperwork to be done. I am working on getting the boys ready for pre-teen camp coming in 2 weeks, planning a family vacation trip in August and need to get a Doctor's appointment for me and really everyone in the family!